by Malcolm Rowe

Just how big is Subversion anyway?

I thought it might be interesting to see how the size of the Subversion codebase has increased over time. It’s actually quite a lot: the current trunk is 70% larger than Subversion 1.0, and, given that Subversion’s “1.0” meant essentially ‘feature complete, won’t eat your data’, that means that collectively the committers have written nearly as much code again to improve it since declaring 1.0.

Here’s a picture to show you what I’m talking about1:

Subversion's codesize in KLOC has
increased significantly past 1.0.
Subversion’s codesize in KLOC over time

There’s a few interesting things to note about this graph:

  1. The graph shows the number of lines in all source files (files with extensions c, cpp, el, h, i, in, java, pl, py, rb, swg) from each tag stored in the Subversion repository. It excludes 1.0.9 (released after 1.1.0) and all release candidates.