by Malcolm Rowe


We have an iPhone in the office today (or perhaps that should be “We have iPhone in the office today”?). Wi-fi only, but I’m clearly not going to be able to get any work done until I’ve watched a video of a skateboarding dog on the iPhone’s YouTube player.

Slightly more seriously, it’ll be interesting to see whether the iPhone really will make the mobile web obsolete, as many people seem to be suggesting. It’ll certainly make it a lot more usable, but I’m inclined to think there will always be a place for mobile-optimised sites, simply because you design a site differently when you have a larger screen area (i.e. wider than the iPhone’s 5cm — or 7.5cm if you like letterbox mode and extra scrolling).

One thing about the iPhone I did notice: it’s much smaller than I expected. Now, how to get my hands on it… Come here, my preciousss…

Update: YouTube doesn’t work, and I am sad :-( — I just get “Cannot connect to YouTube”.