by Malcolm Rowe


The subject is Web. But who cares what the subject is? There’s free beer. Free pizza. Free software. And cool people.
Ben Laurie
A pizza.
Pizza photo by Ade Oshineye (used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I’ve been meaning to find some time to write up the sixth Google London Open Source Jam (called “Jam 5”, because programmers start counting from zero, naturally…). Fortunately, I don’t have to: Duncan Cragg has already said almost everything I’d want to (and probably in far less words, too).

If you only do one thing, take a look through the slides from Dion Almaer’s presentation on Google Gears. We were lucky to be able to grab Dion (he was in town presenting about Gears at the Future of Web Apps conference).

Unfortunately, he had to present and run, so I didn’t get a chance to chat to him afterwards, but one of the most interesting comments that he made (though not mentioned in the slides) was about mobile support: that several handset manufacturers are looking to add Gears support directly to their handset browsers. I’m convinced that Gears will be one of the most significant web technologies of recent years.

And, hey, I finally got to meet Ben Laurie (who provides the quote at the top of this post).

More photos from the Jam: Ade, Ben Laurie.