by Malcolm Rowe

Snow Day

Every week at work, I post a summary of what I’m working on (much like a .plan file, if you remember those). It’s text, but if I could use photos, it’d look like this:

Last week:

Maxwell Beach, Barbados.
Looking East from Maxwell Beach, Barbados

This week:

A lot of snow in London.
Snowy England

As everyone in England knows, bad weather = public transport fail, and today is no exception. Past experience is that a little dusting of unexpected snow can disable most of our train services, so you can imagine what, say, 6–8 inches can achieve: no trains, no underground (because of, er, snow?), and no buses.

As you might expect, I’m working from home — but not before an annoying (and cold) 45 minutes spent on a rail platform playing the South West Trains “Your guess is as good as ours” game, as trains going the wrong way stopped and the few trains going the right way resolutely failed to stop. Though, to be fair, there was also a comedy “Oh yes it is!” / “Oh no it isn’t!” moment when a train we’d been told was stopping rushed past and showered us all with yet more snow. Joy.

(This photo of skiers near Vauxhall Bridge is pretty neat too.)