by Malcolm Rowe

Noda Time 3.0.0

Noda Time 3.0.0 came out yesterday1, bringing a shiny new parcel of date- and time-related functionality.

What’s new in 3.0? Firstly, there’s a couple of things in 3.0 that just plain make it easier to use Noda Time:


Although not as significant as the changes from Noda Time 1.x to 2.x, performance is still a key concern for Noda Time.

In 3.0.0, we’ve managed to eke out a little more performance for some common operations: finding the earlier of two LocalDate values now takes somewhere between 40–60% of the time it did in Noda Time 2.x, while parsing text strings as LocalTime and LocalDate values using common (ISO-like) patterns should also be a little faster, taking around 90% of the time it did in Noda Time 2.x.


The change from Noda Time 2.x to 3.0 is not as big a change as the one from Noda Time 1.x to 2.0, but there are still some small incompatibilities to watch out for.

The migration document details everything that we’re aware of, but there are two points worth calling out explicitly:

In general, though, we expect that most projects using Noda Time 2.x should be able to replace it with Noda Time 3.0.0 transparently.


You can get Noda Time 3.0.0 from the NuGet repository as usual (core and testing packages), or from the links on the Noda Time home page.

Note that the serialization packages were decoupled from the main release during the 2.x releases, and so (for example) there is no new version of NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet; the current version of that library will work just fine with Noda Time 3.0.0.

What’s next?

Good question. While Noda Time is fairly mature as a library, we do have a few areas we’d like to explore for the future: making use of Span<T> in text parsing, and providing a little more information from CLDR sources (stable timezone IDs, for example). If you’re interested in helping out, come and talk to us on the mailing list.

  1. And once again, I’m going to copy/paste this to produce the official Noda Time blog post. (The evidence suggests that this is the only way I’ll get any content on my personal site, after all.)